Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He wears Levi's..just thot you'd want to know.

So i went to this concert the other day with my hubs, you might have heard of the two performers there....Keith Urban and Taylor Swift... lol I thot so. Anyways, it was amazing!! Taylor was awesome, i absolutely love her. Keith...hmmm well i met him 3 or 4 years ago at a John Mayer concert in Memphis- crazy, his seats were super close to mine. Anyways, so TS was awesome, and Keith can put on a show, i've seen him once when he was OPENING for Kenny Chesney about 8 years ago!! lol He's come a long way i tell ya. Our seats weren't bad, they were on the floor, row Q seats 14 & 13 lol Which was about 20 rows back or so...it seems alot further tho. BUT during the 1st hr KU was performing he decides to take a little stroll down the side aisle and proceed around the back of the arena with women and girls crawling all over him-me too- to a small stage in back facing the back of the arena! "Who's got the good seats now!!?" he says. So i'm like right next to the stage it was amazing, he did two or three songs which i graciously recorded and placed on facebook. Anyways, he sang, went back up from and about an hour later goes to the left side of the arena about 6 or 7 rows up in the middle and does a song there too! Wow! It was a wonderful concert...absolutely wonderful...

Friday, June 5, 2009

A far away place is calling my name!

So I have a realllly bad itch to get out of the country or at least Georgia- i'm going bonkers here. I feel like i'm trapped in a terrible places and i can't escape...wait, I am!
So Ste's(he hates Ste, lol he prefers SE) offers in TX (by way of Houston or Dallas) is looking more so like an possibility now. =(
BUT change is good, as long as were not stuck in Ga for the rest of our lives. hm.
SO besides that Se and I are enjoying our wonderful little biter named Kodi. He now shakes and sits for the past 2 weeks, hes doing do great. I can't wait to teach him more tricks. I've got more recent photos to upload soon of him shaking, sitting and his peculiar was of getting on the couch..
Besides that I'm desperately looking for a new job where i can use my creative mind! Sitting all day and doing nothing is getting old and i'm not going anywhere..... So i'm thinking about going back to school to become a teacher in elementary...maybe HS- not so sure about that now. lol I have a 4 yr degree but not for teaching...we will see how that goes...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our dishwasher broke...

 So Friday night, obviously Stephen worked, and then Saturday morning he got up at 5 to leave by 6 to play golf.  Then he had work later that day at 5-2, the usual didn't get home til 2:30-3am.  So Sunday was a sleep in day since he didn't have much sleep.  But he didn't have to go play golf, so no complaining! :) Around 5 Saturday i headed to Steve's (FIL) 40th reunion, ahha long time, anyways that was a mistake...my legs got destroyed by mosquito's and other various bugs while i aimlessly walked about snapping candids for him.  Never again... the whelps on my legs are turning into hard knots. Ouch! lol Sunday was supposed to be a rest day for Stephen and I and to get  things done that we needed to get done..as we were about to get ready to take Kodi to the park to play his work calls him in cause some woman had her kid..blah!  So he had to go work at 2!  I wasn't happy, especially with the manager who called him in.  HM! So i decided to go run all my errands by myself, couldn't even take Kodi :( totally boring.  I first had to run to KIA where we got my car bc they still haven't sent us the correct registration info yet after 2 months!  So i had to go try and correct that-and figure out why my ipod doesn't work correctly in there- bc you have to order the "special cord"! Duh- how else would they make money!
 I then had to run to BB&B to see if they had the bags for my vacuum that Cheryl(MIL) got for our apt, but she thinks she probably got it at Linen n' Things...welllll they aren't in business anymore- and no one else sells Bosch vacuums. 
 Next I had to run to Babies'r'us and buy Stephens cousin a baby gift, she had baby Noah Friday- a little early but only by 2 weeks.  He's doing fine and should return home around today..  I'm so excited to see him and take photos of him!  
I then had to go clean my Soul- my KIA Soul.. it was so dirty inside and out!  Just terrible.  Now she looks 110% again..  After that was clean i had to go buy summer food...raspberry sherbet, chocolate chips cookie dough ice cream, Klondike bars,  icee pops, you know, the works! lol 
Monday morning rolls around for another work day again, and i didn't even get to spend time with the hubbs all weekend?!  Monday was boring, as usual..its Monday!  Stephen did try and teach Kodi Bear how to shake- he gets it every once in a while so were still working on that, but "sit" is a pretty quick command now, he listens to that.  If only we could get him to stop biting as fast as he sits! Yikes!  He gets in trouble a lot for biting..we working on that too. Any suggestions on how to help?! He has plenty of toys...But when Stephen got home from work around 6 or 7 we grilled hamburgers and baked beans and then watched the last half of a bunch of stupid movies on TV.. lol Thrilling! Then off to bed...