Thursday, August 6, 2009

New to the business

So i ordered some business cards the other day for my photograhpy business, Kayleigh Dawn Photography, which should be here any day.. I'm so excited! I just need to work on getting a business logo/copy right symbol. Not completey sure how to go about that. Anyways, i've done some shoots here and there.. I'm taking a friends Bridals this weekend which i'm REALLY thrilled about.. I've haven't taken any bridals yet so this should be a learning experience and fun! YAY! I'll let you know how that goes this weekend.

Another month- come and gone

This hasn't been a long month or anything, i just haven't had much to blog about. I did go home to PB about 3 weeks ago. That was a blast... I had fun with my family and was able to catch up with friends!! I can't even remember what we did... I got there on a wednesday night around midnight. The next day i slept in which was nice and i believe i ran some errands with mother. Then friday i went out on the river with one of favorite families, Mike, Logan and Dylan. We fished and i caught... NOTHING!!! But that's ok, i wasn't complaining. After getting fried from the sun i has to make it back to town to meet up with my MOH's little sister who is getting
married next May! I'm helping her plan it all out. It's a fun process, I loved planning mine.
This is similar to her color theme...plus teal =]

Later that night i met up with all my girls and guys at BWW i haven't seen in a while. It was so great to see everyone and take pictures.

Saturday was a fun family day at my aunts cabin on the river. We grilled and took the boat up river for a little while.

Then later on Saturday night it was purely girls night with LM and I but
...... her new bf, PW somehow got invited..not sure how that happened. LOL Anyways.
We went to Castello's and had dinner.. or at least i did. lol After that we went to the Wine Rack and decided to have another glass of wine. There was also a band playing and i can't for the life of me thing of their name.. lol it was like Microwave Dan and the Nooks? LOL something crazy like that.

That's all that's new for now... at least 3 weeks ago new.