I have decided that since I have this huge love and appreciation for everything creative, whether it be fashion, food or music or art, I'm going to introduce or launch them here on my website. Yes, I realize that TV, radio, and other media does a wonderful job of this. BUT I'm here to tell you an little back ground on the artists and creators themselves.If you have an eye for anything creative let me know! If you are trying to sell something such as:

  • Clothing or Apparel Line
  • New Restaurant
  • Solo or Group Musical Artist
  • Art of any medium
  • Interior Decor
  • ANYTHING creative
I'm looking for you! Contact me and let me know you would like to be featured here. Even if you know some who is up and coming or just trying to get their name out there a little bit more, let me know (with their permission and consent to me of course) and I'll be happy to give you or them a LAUNCH!