Friday, May 29, 2009

"Your Smiling" -Thanks Stan

OK- so yesterday was totally boring... The smell from the sulfuric acid finally went away.  That's a plus.  I did buy a book tho.  I bought The Shack by Wm. Paul Young... never heard of it.. but it might "...blow the door wide open to my soul..," according to Wynonna Judd said. haah Anyways, i haven't started yet.. I'll let you know how it goes when i do.  
 So, i got back to running and training for my half marathon here in ATL! I'm excited!! It's October 4th! YAY!
After running i ran to the store, played with the kid a.k.a. Kodi Bear, which g-pa steve babysat..lol HEY! he volunteered! Then did some laundry- found a scorpion on my clothes and then got ready for bed after rotting my mind with a 30 mins showing of The Real Housewives of NY or Jersey.. not really sure, i never watched it, but i couldn't get over how stupid they are.  LOL Anyway, which brings me to my next point...Kodi. lol He's in this biting stage, nothing harmful, it's all in play but it's getting annoying.  I'm thinking muzzle or adoption. KIDDING! He's wonderful as long as he's not biting the crap out of your feet, pants, shoes, arms, hands... you get the point.  So were dealing with that, and i hear it's quite a process.   So once that's over with were "gravy"(thanks ZAQ)  
 Speaking of, i'm chatting up with two of my most favorite guys in the world!  
Kevo just made up a new phrase for an accidental "lool" it now means laughing outside out loud...a loud laugh.  Kevo and I and Julia, his sister, we used to ride horses all the together.  I totally miss it.  His family is one of many I have and miss back home.  His sister and I and Kevo had a pretty rough crowd we run with back home.  It's about time for a reunion.  We along with about 10 others would go on weekly rides through the woods, mud, water..you name it, we've trekked it.
Kevo just led me to this website on you tube.. hilarious. Just check it out.

ZAQ my dear buddy is in TX, he's a house flipper.  We hope he "banks!"  I now know what that means. Thank you.  Also, he and my brother are planning a trip to Zimbabwe and Europe in 3 months or so.  I'm totally stoked for them.  Zack is in the mix of bringing up two websites on poverty which are www.millionproject.org and www.thegigabite.com . They aren't up at the time, but will be shortly.  I'll let you know later on when they are up and running. Have a great rest of the day! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh, What a night! - I'm runnnig on fumes!

Wow! What a crazy long night!  It started out great- SE(Stephen) and I went out to eat in honor of our 8 months of being married.  We had La Parilla(sp) because Mexican is our favorite!  So we shared a drink and then went to buy Kodi some more dog toys to dull his razors in his mouth!  Not that he needs anymore toys, it's crazy.  Anyways, after dinner and dog shopping we headed home and popped in a movie- Vantage Point, which was awesome.  After the movie it was about midnight when we got in bed.  Sound asleep, i wake up at 4:30..A.M.!  I wake up to an awful smell and i couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from.  So i searched our cracker box and even did some dishes thinking it might be then, and it wasn't.  We took out the trash, we checked if Kodi did anything, and couldn't figure it out.  Well, if you know where we live, we live on the top of a detached garage that is on his parents property.  So i stepped outside to take a breather and the smell was outside to, after ruling out the septic we opened the garage and discovered the smell.  A battery that his father...my F.I.L (father in law) had been charging a battery, but it over heated i suppose and started to leak sulfuric acid...  If you've never smelled sulfuric acid, if smells similar to a chicken coop FULL of rotten eggs.  Just terribly overwhelming.  Thank goodness we have wonderful in-law/family.. His dad came over to our garage(about 100 yards) to fix it.  We finally got back in bed around 5:24am and i had to be up at 7am for work.   I'm running on fumes. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just the two of us....well now it's three.

It started out just the two of us.  But Stephen (Ste) works late hours most of the time, and i'm off work and home by 6pm.  So I was getting lonely the past 8 months (it's 8 months today! YAY!) Anyways, so we started talking about getting a puppy for me, since I can't bring my dog from back home down here yet, bc we don't have a yard big enough for her.  So, we opted for a smaller dog.  Ste told me to do some research on them and the type of dog that would be best for us.  So, i looked and looked and came across a mixed breed website, and it was alllll poodle mixes.  After weeding out bulloodle (bulldog/poodle), beadles (beagle/poodle) and whoodles (wheaten/poodle), I landed upon the SCHNOODLE!  So, once i found the hybrid dog breed i wanted i then had to find a breeder! Oh dear- that's hard work on mix breeds!  Anyways, i found a bunch, but settled on one that was close to my parents back in Missouri.  So once i found them, they had told me they MIGHT be expecting, but i'd have to wait 2 weeks to find out if she was pregnant, and once I did I was thrilled!  Once we knew that, she was due in 6o days, making her due around my birthday, but they were born on March 20th.  Then we had to wait until he was 7-8 weeks old!  Finally after months of waiting we brought home the newest addition to our family!  Kodiak Evans...aka Kodi  We named him Kodiak because he looks like a little bear cub! He is precious...totally changed our lives..lol better than a kid! AH!

Starting to blog

  I've never blogged, unless you count twittering for about a month and stopping blogging.  Anyways, I'm going to try this out for a while.  It doesn't seen too bad.  My job keeps me online all day anyways, so what the heck!  Not that I want to be online all day, but I am.