Monday, February 21, 2011

Tom Petty.....my Heartbreaker

I'd like to think that if you asked any of my family or
friends that they could tell you who
my most favorite musician is.  
At the young, tender age of 4 years old I first heard this
amazing man sing.  I must give credit where credit is due though.
I have some pretty amazing aunts and one of them was in her prime,
music listening teens/early twenties.
She used to take me riding about town to flea markets
and old, vintage stores and we would
listen to "that one falling song."  Well "that one falling song" 
was none other than the great 'Free Fallin' by 
Tom Petty.

That was my first love, I'm sure of it.
As I grew up my aunt would follow his music as did I.
Now in my mid-twenties I havn't stopped listening to his
beautiful lyrics and riffs.  
I've been to 3 concerts(far not enough)
 and each time I find myself closer and closer to the stage. 
I'm was privileged to take my momma with me to my last concert in 2008
and sit on the floor...7th ROW! Yeah, it was the highlight of my
Tom Petty career.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a little bit about my secret love..
actually, it's not really a secret about how much
I love Tom. Love might actually be an understatement.

So, I leave you with this, one of my favorite songs...

Until next time....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jamestown Revival- Jonathan Clay & Zach Chance

Do you remember when I wrote about Zach Chance a couple weeks ago?
Well, I didn't know about Jamestown Revival!
How could I not think that he was bigger than just himself!?
Silly me.

Well I present now Jamestown Revival one of my newest favorites.
You can give them a listen on their website or if you become
a fan of theirs on Facebook, you can 
also listen in there!

Right now they are in a contest to put Jamestown Revival on the 
(I just sang that last line in my head)
**I had to show an example of RSM and I HAD to use Tom Petty, as he's my "secret husband"- more on him later**

You can go here and just simply follow the steps provided... 
it's really easy.
1...2...3 steps easy. 
There's also a
for doing so!
They will send you a link so that you can download their newest CD for FREE.
A word I know few people will turn down.

Thanks so much!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just The Way You Are acoustic Bruno Mars cover - Anthem Lights

Anthem Lights this week!  I know a girl who works in Nashville and she's always posting new groups and such.  I took a listen to them and they are actually really good.  I enjoyed their cover of 'Just The Way You Are' y Bruno Mars. I'm in love with the acoustic version.

I also fell for their 'Can't Shut Up' original.  There's so much energy in this song, it reminds me of a Twilight Saga song "mash-up" between Mutemath's 'Spotlight' and Muse's 'Supermassive Black Hole.'  Anyways, that was a side note.  Just give them a listen and you see what a wonderful collaboration of voices they have. Also, be sure to listen to the rest of their work as well.

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