Friday, June 5, 2009

A far away place is calling my name!

So I have a realllly bad itch to get out of the country or at least Georgia- i'm going bonkers here. I feel like i'm trapped in a terrible places and i can't escape...wait, I am!
So Ste's(he hates Ste, lol he prefers SE) offers in TX (by way of Houston or Dallas) is looking more so like an possibility now. =(
BUT change is good, as long as were not stuck in Ga for the rest of our lives. hm.
SO besides that Se and I are enjoying our wonderful little biter named Kodi. He now shakes and sits for the past 2 weeks, hes doing do great. I can't wait to teach him more tricks. I've got more recent photos to upload soon of him shaking, sitting and his peculiar was of getting on the couch..
Besides that I'm desperately looking for a new job where i can use my creative mind! Sitting all day and doing nothing is getting old and i'm not going anywhere..... So i'm thinking about going back to school to become a teacher in elementary...maybe HS- not so sure about that now. lol I have a 4 yr degree but not for teaching...we will see how that goes...

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