Wednesday, June 17, 2009

He wears Levi's..just thot you'd want to know.

So i went to this concert the other day with my hubs, you might have heard of the two performers there....Keith Urban and Taylor Swift... lol I thot so. Anyways, it was amazing!! Taylor was awesome, i absolutely love her. Keith...hmmm well i met him 3 or 4 years ago at a John Mayer concert in Memphis- crazy, his seats were super close to mine. Anyways, so TS was awesome, and Keith can put on a show, i've seen him once when he was OPENING for Kenny Chesney about 8 years ago!! lol He's come a long way i tell ya. Our seats weren't bad, they were on the floor, row Q seats 14 & 13 lol Which was about 20 rows back or so...it seems alot further tho. BUT during the 1st hr KU was performing he decides to take a little stroll down the side aisle and proceed around the back of the arena with women and girls crawling all over him-me too- to a small stage in back facing the back of the arena! "Who's got the good seats now!!?" he says. So i'm like right next to the stage it was amazing, he did two or three songs which i graciously recorded and placed on facebook. Anyways, he sang, went back up from and about an hour later goes to the left side of the arena about 6 or 7 rows up in the middle and does a song there too! Wow! It was a wonderful concert...absolutely wonderful...

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