Friday, December 4, 2009


O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree!!!!
OH how I LOVE Christmas!  It's simply the most wonderful time of the year to me.  I just love to hear Christmas bells ringing, carols being sung; even by a choir, the smells of cinnamon, pine, and eggnog, I love the sweaters; even crazy grandma sweaters, giving gifts, baking cookies and pies and goodies galore, trimming the tree and decking the halls, making new snowflakes and the sight of fresh snow; well actually I love any kind of snow, and mostly family time together and especially around a cozy fire, indoors or out.
That's what I love about Christmas! Marshmallows-a-roasting, fresh hot cocoa for tasting and lights that are stung everywhere.
It's the MOST wonderful time of the year.

This is the season I look forward to the most.  It brings families together and causes great bonds.  I know we shouldn't let the winter holidays be the only time for great gatherings, but out of all the times to gather, this is the best time.  It warms the hearts and it sets me at ease.  It's a time to relax and play games with family and friends or have uGly Christmas sweater parties with eggnog and ornament exchanges.  It makes you want to sit closer, if even to a stranger, just to feel the warmth of the season.  Whether you are enjoying hot apple cider or peppermint cocoa theres always a good time to be had with family and friends.

If you are feeling down this season
then just grab a friend or book
  and sit down near a fire or a candle in a nook.

 Grab a great big blanket and a cup of something hot,
it might be nice hot cocoa
or spiced-cider from a crock.

Don't stress over money, don't stress over gifts,
the best ones are from hearts then made,
and that's how Christmas stays the same.

So spread the winter cheer around,
and share the winter love.
Please don't let life get you down,
the years with turn again.

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