Friday, October 16, 2009

On a roll....or bun!

SO--- last night...Start over Sunday.
Sunday, Stephen and I went to an Air Show in Peachtree City, GA.
It was the one day of the past two weeks it hasn't rained, and it was about 78 degrees, but it felt for like 90 degrees. So anyways, I was hungry as usual, so I decided to get a hot dog since I never really eat them unless the we are grilling or roasting them over an open fire.  Well, all I put on was ketchup and a little mustard, sat in the shade behind a trailer and eat it. Done. No...About an hour or so later I started having chest pains like someone had hit me or was sitting on my chest, kinda hurt to breathe.  So I told Stephen, he laughed and ignored it.  Well it went on for a few hours after that and just kinda went away.
Four Days Later.....
Thursday, Stephen and I grilled Turkey dogs and Turkey burgers. Lean and "healthy". :) Anyways.
So like an hour later I'm having chest pains again and this time it was MUCH worse.  I honestly couldn't get comfortable so matter what, i sat, i stood, i laid down. Nothing helped. So i had Stephen bring some Pepto Bismol and tums, thinking that might help. Well after half a bottle and 10 or so tums i had mild relief. So, next week, we are going to try it again and see if i get chest pains after eating a hot dog again.  I can't believe i'm going to eat so many in so little time! AHH! lol So, hopefully we can figure this out. I was in tears i was hurting so back. But i refuse to see a doctor- yes, that might be stubborn, but they aren't my favorites and I don't think i need to go. =]
Well, to make matters worse i had another sleep apnea attack last night as well at around 3a.m. or so. They scare me the most.  There's nothing worse than waking up out of a sound sleep trying to sit up and gasp for air at the same time.  I've only had about 10 or so in the past 2 years, since they just started, but i've had two in the last 2 weeks.  I'm trying to figure out if it can be hereditary or not, it doesn't really seem to be.  They scare the day lights out of me though and make it hard to go to sleep again out of fear it might happen again.  I know my father has sleep apnea, but he has it for obvious reasons.  My on the other had, i did not inherit his structure, i would say, which is one way they say it might be inherited.  I'm at a loss.  I don't know where they are coming from, but i hope to find a way to make them stop.  Sleep apnea can have severe side affects if not treated. :(  Ok- back to doing research on my chest pains and apnea.

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