Sunday, January 23, 2011

NEW DIRECTIONS! Zach Chance-musician

So, I'm realized that there's not too much to say about Stephen and myself as far as everyday, day-to-day mumbo stuff.  So, I decided that since we both appreciate the arts, that I'll feature either a new or existing artists, musicians or anything dealing with the arts every week for now. We will work on daily or more than weekly. I'll probably throw some random SE+KE (Stephen and Kayleigh, myself) stuff about how we are every once in a while so be prepared!

Well, if you are someone that would like to be featured on here whether you be a fashion designer, musician, artist, creator, graphic designer or anything that relates to the arts let me know! :)

SO! To start us off this week I've chosen this wonderful guy, Zach Chance.


This song Black and Blue was featured on Private Practice several weeks ago.  I LOVE finding new artists.  Stephen does a great job of finding or discovering new, up-and-coming artists.  I think for me this song has a lot of great meaning and I really enjoyed listening to it.

Now, to reminisce a little. Here's some Frente! I remember when my aunt and I would drive around when I was only...eh...4 years old +

My aunts listened to some pretty awesome music.  If it weren't for one of them I don't know that I would love Tom Petty as much as I do today.  I hope you enjoyed these snip-its of my past.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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