Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just the two of us....well now it's three.

It started out just the two of us.  But Stephen (Ste) works late hours most of the time, and i'm off work and home by 6pm.  So I was getting lonely the past 8 months (it's 8 months today! YAY!) Anyways, so we started talking about getting a puppy for me, since I can't bring my dog from back home down here yet, bc we don't have a yard big enough for her.  So, we opted for a smaller dog.  Ste told me to do some research on them and the type of dog that would be best for us.  So, i looked and looked and came across a mixed breed website, and it was alllll poodle mixes.  After weeding out bulloodle (bulldog/poodle), beadles (beagle/poodle) and whoodles (wheaten/poodle), I landed upon the SCHNOODLE!  So, once i found the hybrid dog breed i wanted i then had to find a breeder! Oh dear- that's hard work on mix breeds!  Anyways, i found a bunch, but settled on one that was close to my parents back in Missouri.  So once i found them, they had told me they MIGHT be expecting, but i'd have to wait 2 weeks to find out if she was pregnant, and once I did I was thrilled!  Once we knew that, she was due in 6o days, making her due around my birthday, but they were born on March 20th.  Then we had to wait until he was 7-8 weeks old!  Finally after months of waiting we brought home the newest addition to our family!  Kodiak Evans...aka Kodi  We named him Kodiak because he looks like a little bear cub! He is precious...totally changed our lives..lol better than a kid! AH!

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  1. I think he looks like a baby possum and (as his grandfather) we ought to call him George, as in George Jones the old possum hisself!!