Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh, What a night! - I'm runnnig on fumes!

Wow! What a crazy long night!  It started out great- SE(Stephen) and I went out to eat in honor of our 8 months of being married.  We had La Parilla(sp) because Mexican is our favorite!  So we shared a drink and then went to buy Kodi some more dog toys to dull his razors in his mouth!  Not that he needs anymore toys, it's crazy.  Anyways, after dinner and dog shopping we headed home and popped in a movie- Vantage Point, which was awesome.  After the movie it was about midnight when we got in bed.  Sound asleep, i wake up at 4:30..A.M.!  I wake up to an awful smell and i couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from.  So i searched our cracker box and even did some dishes thinking it might be then, and it wasn't.  We took out the trash, we checked if Kodi did anything, and couldn't figure it out.  Well, if you know where we live, we live on the top of a detached garage that is on his parents property.  So i stepped outside to take a breather and the smell was outside to, after ruling out the septic we opened the garage and discovered the smell.  A battery that his father...my F.I.L (father in law) had been charging a battery, but it over heated i suppose and started to leak sulfuric acid...  If you've never smelled sulfuric acid, if smells similar to a chicken coop FULL of rotten eggs.  Just terribly overwhelming.  Thank goodness we have wonderful in-law/family.. His dad came over to our garage(about 100 yards) to fix it.  We finally got back in bed around 5:24am and i had to be up at 7am for work.   I'm running on fumes. 

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