Friday, May 29, 2009

"Your Smiling" -Thanks Stan

OK- so yesterday was totally boring... The smell from the sulfuric acid finally went away.  That's a plus.  I did buy a book tho.  I bought The Shack by Wm. Paul Young... never heard of it.. but it might "...blow the door wide open to my soul..," according to Wynonna Judd said. haah Anyways, i haven't started yet.. I'll let you know how it goes when i do.  
 So, i got back to running and training for my half marathon here in ATL! I'm excited!! It's October 4th! YAY!
After running i ran to the store, played with the kid a.k.a. Kodi Bear, which g-pa steve babysat..lol HEY! he volunteered! Then did some laundry- found a scorpion on my clothes and then got ready for bed after rotting my mind with a 30 mins showing of The Real Housewives of NY or Jersey.. not really sure, i never watched it, but i couldn't get over how stupid they are.  LOL Anyway, which brings me to my next point...Kodi. lol He's in this biting stage, nothing harmful, it's all in play but it's getting annoying.  I'm thinking muzzle or adoption. KIDDING! He's wonderful as long as he's not biting the crap out of your feet, pants, shoes, arms, hands... you get the point.  So were dealing with that, and i hear it's quite a process.   So once that's over with were "gravy"(thanks ZAQ)  
 Speaking of, i'm chatting up with two of my most favorite guys in the world!  
Kevo just made up a new phrase for an accidental "lool" it now means laughing outside out loud...a loud laugh.  Kevo and I and Julia, his sister, we used to ride horses all the together.  I totally miss it.  His family is one of many I have and miss back home.  His sister and I and Kevo had a pretty rough crowd we run with back home.  It's about time for a reunion.  We along with about 10 others would go on weekly rides through the woods, mud, water..you name it, we've trekked it.
Kevo just led me to this website on you tube.. hilarious. Just check it out.

ZAQ my dear buddy is in TX, he's a house flipper.  We hope he "banks!"  I now know what that means. Thank you.  Also, he and my brother are planning a trip to Zimbabwe and Europe in 3 months or so.  I'm totally stoked for them.  Zack is in the mix of bringing up two websites on poverty which are www.millionproject.org and www.thegigabite.com . They aren't up at the time, but will be shortly.  I'll let you know later on when they are up and running. Have a great rest of the day! :)

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