Monday, October 12, 2009

Falling slowly...

I love fall and I'm SO glad it's here and that Christmas is right around the corner!!! The upcoming holidays are my all time favorites!!
So, lately Stephen and I haven't been very busy, but you wouldn't know that from the lack of not blogging in forever! Anyways, so since the last post we have strongly discussed moving back closer to my home and leaving the not so wonderful state of Georgia and that really perks me up!
We went and picked out our pumpkins the other day and now all i need is a few moms to go with the rest of my decor outside! Tonight we are carving out pumpkins that we picked out for that and I'll post those once we've done that, and our finished fall decor outside! :) Were doing a few different techniques this year with the pumpkins, using the drill, and different tools that can be found in the garage/shed! I'm thrilled! I might need more pumpkins to design!

OH! one thing we did in September was go to Destin with Stephens whole family for his Meme and Pops 60th wedding anniversary! We had a house on the beach and a party for them with a casino theme! We even played craps and blackjack. We brought in a casino rental group that set up the tables and directed the games.

After we returned we celebrated our one year anniversary! I can't believe it's already been a year!!! GOLLY! As some may know, there are certain items you are to get each other on certain anniversary's over the years and the 1st year is PAPER. So, he gave me a dozen BEAUTIFUL roses, a list of 50 things he loves about me and a sweet letter, and i gave him a "scrap book" full of all of the things we did our first year! (I say "scrap book" BC it's not the kind your thinking... its not glitzy, it's a photo or so slapped on a already bound book with some words written on it and memorabilia from events over the year.)
And then we went to eat our favorite food..MEXICAN! lol Later that night, Stephen and I went to go get tattoos of infinity symbols. Mines is on my foot in the shape of a cross and Stephens on his wrist in a cracked rock tribal way. I love them! I'll come back and post photos of those too now that they've healed. The reason for the "infinity symbols" is in reference to what infinity means and also, when we got married, my wedding gift to Stephen was a large canvas with the infinity symbol i had drawn on it and a letter written on the back on the wood frame.

SO- that's all i can think of that we've done lately. You know i'll be back!!! :)

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