Friday, February 18, 2011

Jamestown Revival- Jonathan Clay & Zach Chance

Do you remember when I wrote about Zach Chance a couple weeks ago?
Well, I didn't know about Jamestown Revival!
How could I not think that he was bigger than just himself!?
Silly me.

Well I present now Jamestown Revival one of my newest favorites.
You can give them a listen on their website or if you become
a fan of theirs on Facebook, you can 
also listen in there!

Right now they are in a contest to put Jamestown Revival on the 
(I just sang that last line in my head)
**I had to show an example of RSM and I HAD to use Tom Petty, as he's my "secret husband"- more on him later**

You can go here and just simply follow the steps provided... 
it's really easy.
1...2...3 steps easy. 
There's also a
for doing so!
They will send you a link so that you can download their newest CD for FREE.
A word I know few people will turn down.

Thanks so much!


  1. loved the music!! once again..impressed with your choice of music!
    how do i get link to the free downloads? i didn't see it!

  2. he may your 2nd husband...but's i'm his mistress.....lol!

  3. ocnurse- You should get an email from them with the link to download.